Colin Falconer said it all in this fantastic blog post. Thank you, Colin!


There have been days when you have woken up and thought: why am I doing this?

Days when you said to yourself: why am I doing this job, when it’s not what I really love?

Times when you have looked at your life and wondered: why am I in this relationship when it’s not what I truly dreamed of?

It’s easy to get buried in the details of life.

We have so many small deadlines to meet that we sometimes forget the Big Deadline; you know – the one we all have but don’t ever talk about.

I sometimes think those little deadlines are there only so we don’t have to think about the Big Deadline.

But it’s there. Waiting for us.

They're not that different from you,
are they? ... Did they wait until it 
was too late to make from their lives even one iota of what they…

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