I'm Now a Bluestocking Belle!

The Bluestocking Belles, or BellesInBlue, have taken me on!


They're pretty successful authors, so I'm… shall we say… excited?

Sure am.
Thanks, Belles!

Have a look around, hope you find something you like!

The Belles' website

The Belles' FB page is here

The Belles Brigade  (The Belles' Street team! You can join if you wish!)

Belles' Pinterest is here

Belles' twitter

The Belles: historical writers with heart…

They write historical romance about strong women who are equally as passionate about education for females, even in times when women were discouraged from serious study.

The Belles Malala Fund

The Belles contribute a significant portion of the royalties for their annual holiday box set to the Malala Foundation.

In 2015, their book sold 15,000 copies and made around $6,000 for Malala. And it's been ongoing.

Read more about the Malala Fund here.

So, all,

Have a great day, I'm off to write.