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The Third Edition of A Long Trail Rolling Release Day 1 December!

New cover, revised interior!

Take a look!

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And the paperback cover…with reviews by Deborah Challinor, Leeanna Morgan and Booksellers NZ


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And a treat inside the covers…

(Thanks Chris, at Bookprinting.co.nz for making it reasonable!)

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If you love sagas with gutsy, horsey heroines and  hot Latin Californio men, plus plenty of history thrown in, you might like my current series…

The Long Trails Quadrilogy

A Long Trail Rolling, Book One.  A third edition-Due mid-December 2016.

The Hills of Gold Unchanging, Book Two-Due February 2017

A Sea of Green Unfolding, Book Three-Due May 2017

Tatiana, Book Four -Due August 2017


A Long Trail Rolling  (Book 1)

Buy now in

  • Standard print softcover and hardbound
  • Large print softcover and hardbound
  • Multiple digital formats
  • Exclusive hand-stitched leather bound standard and large print editions. Hand-worked in Auckland, New Zealand to a size to your specifications employing medieval bookbinding techniques. Contact me with your requirements.

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Lizzi Tremayne

 Past RWNZ President 2015-16



19 comments on “Home

  1. Julie smith says:

    Hi Lizzie.
    Sooo glad I bumped into you at HOY and purchased your wonderful book. I consumed it in about a week which is amazing for me.
    Very much looking forward to the next one next month!
    This story is completely my style.. romance, action, historically correct.. and leaves you wanting more.
    Thankyou.. Julie Smith, Kaukapakapa, NZ


    • Hey Julie,
      I do LOVE getting messages like yours!
      SOOOOOoooo very glad you liked it!
      Glad it was your style! I wrote it as something I’d like to read, so pleased it made someone else happy!
      Thanks for letting me know!
      Kindest regards (doing a little more promotion, then finishing your next books!),


  2. Aaliyah Pakau-Timoti says:

    I really enjoyed reading this book it is filled with lots of drama . The only negative thing is that some of the characters names are a bit hard to pronounce. I am super excited to read the rest of the series when it is released.😃😃😃 10/10 and also I am soo glad that I met you at hoy and I am very thankful for all the information you filled my head with about horses teeth and what happens to then over time if you do not get the done 😃😃😃


    • Thanks Aliyah!
      So glad you enjoyed the story! you and your pony have a great time this winter! It’s so good to see kids like you taking such good care of your horses! Take good care of you, looking forward of your photos!
      Kindest regards,


  3. Alonya says:

    I absolutely loved this book.
    It is not my usual genre, in the slightest. But I met Lizzi a few months ago and knew she had recently published her book. I thought I would give it a go. Who knew I would be so completely dragged into the world of the Pony Express in Stage 4 of the trail? Yes, I went and looked it up on a big map.
    I loved the simple descriptions of locations that allowed me to read this playing as a movie in my head. The indepth and intimate knowledge of horses and rich character just made it so easy.
    I cannot wait for the next installment of the adventures of Aleksandra and Xavier.
    Thank you Lizzi for your story. I truly loved it.


  4. Carey Shaw says:

    Hi Liz, have told a friend of mine about you and she wants you to have a look at her horse. I have lost your phone number so if you can reply on my email that would be grand. Hope to catch up soon. Carey


  5. Kim Brosing says:

    FINALLY, I read your book Lizzi and I LOVED IT!! Not that I’m surprised, after all, it’s you through and through. My initial hesitation about another “love story” was quickly squashed by the strong, independent Aleksandra. The adventure, the history, the romance. A lovely balance that kept me interested and entertained and wanting for more. Your writing style has a smooth flow, which I always appreciate. Well done my dear friend. Kim B.


  6. lanebrianp says:


    Checking your books and hopefully I will like them.

    Oh, I am a guy who enjoys a good romance and skip read sex scenes. I prefer the mystery of sex.


  7. Thanks Brian! See the Store page for our options, depending upon our location! I’m away in US and UK till 20 July, so if want to order direct, pls let me know then! Thanks! L

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Laura says:


    I met you at our reception for White Snake on Friday evening. Just wanted to let you know I downloaded your book “A long Trail Rolling”. I look forward to reading it. It looks like an interesting and fun read.



    • I hope you love it, Laura! Let me know how you like it! Please feel free to leave reviews! That’s the only way indie authors really get known! If you bought if from Amazon, you can leave a review on it there. There is a page with links for reviews on many different pages on this website! Thanks so much for your purchase!
      Kindest regards,


  9. Loralie Hamerton says:

    I gave my Granddaughter your book last November for her birthday having purchased it from you at the Athenree Homestead fair. She loved it and is eagerly awaiting the next one. I am hpoing you still have my e-mail so you can let me know when it is available.


    • Hi Loralie!
      I’m so glad she loved it! 🙂 Thank you for your purchase! Have you subscribed to this page? If so, you’ll also receive notification when books are up, in addition to the newsletters! Have to put one out soon. There’s a new cover out for the novella which will come out soon, which is sort of between the first and second novels… Book 2, The Hills of Gold Unchanging, is nearly ready to go to editor, so excited! Finally.
      Thank you for your message!
      Kindest regards,


  10. Loralie Hamerton says:

    Hi Lizzie
    Will you be at the Athenree Homestead fair on November 27 with your new book.
    Thanks Loralie


  11. Hi Loralie,
    sorry, no, as it won’t be finished yet! Hard at it~ but you can get one from me anytime. Message me on here after 10 Dec to see if we have it yet! Thanks so much!!


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