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Franklin Road, Waitawheta, Waihi

(07) 863 9312

(027) 208 0631   NB: No cell reception at clinic or home. If I don't answer or reply immediately, please ring landline and leave message if not answered!  Thank you.

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General Equine Practice at Blue Mist Equine Veterinary Centre

  • Following a spinal injury, I am returning to general equine practice for equids (horses, donkeys, zebras and rhinos) in Bay of Plenty, Hauraki, Waikato and Coromandel Districts, and at the Auckland Zoo.
  • Preventative veterinary care, vaccination
  • Examinations and diagnostics for: wellness, lameness, illness, pregnancy, pre- and post-foaling
  • Elective surgical care: castration
  • Pregnancy and pre-foaling consultations, post-foaling examinations of mare and foal

 blue mist equine veterinary centre


Primary and Referral Equine Veterinary Dental Practice at Blue Mist Equine Veterinary Centre

Dental Consultations:

blue mist equine foal overbite

  • young equid care: dental evaluation of newborn foals, young horses or donkeys
  • evaluation for behavioural problems: bitting, quidding, evasions
  • We accept referrals from veterinarians and equine dental technicians throughout New Zealand.

Equine Dental Examination, Diagnosis, and Therapy:

blue mist equine vet ctr taking oral radiographs

  • occlusal equilibration (teeth floating), including careful reduction of overgrowths and correction of malocclusions
  • dental radiology (X-rays) for thorough diagnosis of dental challenges
  • veterinary sedation, which allows thorough examination and treatment
  • dental extractions of teeth under standing sedation and analgesia, from incisors to cheek teeth. Your horse will be awake, under standing sedation, aided by local nerve blocks and other analgesics.


Emergency Veterinary Services at Blue Mist Equine Veterinary Centre

blue mist equine vet corneal ulcer from a rope

  • Emergency care for your injured or ill horse
  • Please call to discuss your horse's condition before it becomes more serious
  • Timely referral to appropriate surgical facilities in appropriate situations


Postural Rehabilitation and Acupuncture at Blue Mist Equine Veterinary Centre

blue mist equine vet Postural Rehab

Postural Rehabilitation may help you achieve your goals of keeping your horse happy, comfortable and competitive for the long-term, optimising performance through a combination of:

  • acupuncture
  • chiropractic
  • Ortho-Bionomy
  • exercise therapy
  • saddle fit and
  • hoof balance

Acupuncture may also benefit:

  • dogs and cats on referral from their regular veterinarian, especially down or paralyzed patients
  • down or paralyzed cattle without evidence of fractures
  • cows with “bulling injuries” or trauma to thoracic spine


Layup care at Blue Mist Equine Veterinary Centre

  • long or short-term layup care for injured horses
  • bandaging
  • medication, as prescribed by Dr. Thompson, or another veterinarian or trainer.


Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks by Blue Mist Holdings

  • enhance safety and comfort of your patient, client and you during veterinary procedures
  • are available as portable or stationary—Farm owners have been keen on the stationary stocks for their breeding operaions
  • are manufactured to our design or custom built to your specifications for your breeding farm or veterinary practice.


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Lizzi’s Ventures Other Than Blue Mist Equine Veterinary Centre

Lizzi Tremayne Author

Lizzi writes horsey historical fiction and horsey contemporary vet-girl stories as well as her next work, which will be an informational non-fiction for horse owners. Click here to find out more:  Lizzi Tremayne Author Button

Horse, Geek & Sword Literary Consultants

Lizzi and Matthew have just started a new line, an editing service for writers without firsthand knowledge of horses, veterinary medicine, tech and computing sciences, and medieval and renaissance swordplay.

Some readers don’t mind, but others really care if the author gets it wrong. We aim to help. Click here to find out more:
   horse sword n geek button

Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks

Lizzi originally developed Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks because they were not available in New Zealand and she needed them for her rapidly-developing equine dental practice, as well as for her general practice. She’s expanding its range to the USA and exhibiting at AAEP in November this year. Click here to find out more:

Equi-Still Portable Stocks Button