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Blue Mist Equine's Flexi-Float

Blue Mist Equine's state of the art occlusal equilibration (teeth floating) system offers the ultimate in patient, handler and operator safety. Advances in the Flexi-Float include constant water irrigation, vacuum, diamond disc head and fibre-optic lights.

flexi float 1 blue mist equine

The diamond disc quickly and efficiently removes the sharp points and overgrowths that have been cutting into your horses cheeks and tongue while sparing the delicate soft tissues of the mouth. Constant water cooling minimises the dangerous transfer of heat to the live areas of teeth (the pulp and its odontoblast processes) to prevent tooth damage and death which may occur with power floating systems without flushing.flexi float 2 blue mist equine

The vacuum system surrounding the diamond head sucks up the carcinogenic tooth dust to prevent inhalation by the veterinarian or handler. The fibre-optic lights…well, what can I say? Our first-time clients are usually astonished at how much MOUTH they can see with good lights and a full mouth speculum in a sedated horse, and we're impressed with the amount of pathology we can see, too, and not miss, as in the past. 

Blue Mist Equine has a Portable X-Ray Machine and Intraoral X-Ray Cassettes

Our lightweight portable X-ray unit with laser beam pointer assists in properly diagnosing your horse's dental or oral condition.

 blue mist equine's HF80 15 plus

For  special radiographic (X-ray) views of teeth and oral problems, we have intraoral cassettes. These are flexible packets containing radiographic film which are placed inside your horse's mouth, like your own dentist would use! 

Blue Mist Equine's Alumi-Spec Speculum

Our Alumi-Spec is an extremely functional and lightweight  speculum which allows much greater visualisation of oral structures and provides plenty of room to work within the mouth.

 blue mist equine's alumi-spec

I wouldn't do without it now. It's easy to open and close and the horses seem more comfortable wearing it. Due to the construction of the mouthplates, it can be placed on anything from a small pony to a draft horse!  

The Blue Mist Equine-Designed Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks

We designed the Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks for the safety of horses, their owners and their vets during veterinary procedures. They're displayed on their own page here.

equi still stocks by blue mist equine

Blue Mist Equine's Complete Range of Instrumentation

We carry a complete range of equine dental instrumentation for dental prophylaxis and therapy, allowing us to perform many complex dental procedures including standing extractions of teeth, from incisors to molars.

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Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks

Lizzi originally developed Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks because they were not available in New Zealand and she needed them for her rapidly-developing equine dental practice, as well as for her general practice. She’s expanding its range to the USA and exhibiting at AAEP in November this year. Click her to find out more: