Finally! How to Determine Font Sizes!

One of my jobs this weekend is to get Once Upon a Vet School 7 loaded to Amazon to be printed and was trying, once again, to determine the font size in some books I have to hand…and I found this!

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Today I'm observing Armistice or Veteran's Day, and I hope you get the chance as well, wherever you are in the world. My most profound appreciation to all those who have given so much for us. You are not forgotten.

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Back at home, we have a few things on this weekend, as we're getting close to heading for San Antonio with our Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks to AAEP 2017! Thankfully, we've been blessed with a team of wonderful full-time farm-sitters so we can trot off in peace!

Here's the gist of an article I just found…

How to Find Font Size of Text in Points

1. Measure the size of your text in millimeters.

2. Divide the total number of millimeters by 4.217 — the equivalent of a pica. For instance, if you measured 21.085 millimeters, divide by 4.217 to get 5.

3. Multiply the answer you got by 12 to get your point size. For instance, if your answer was 5, multiplying by 12 would give you an answer and point size of 60.

Thanks, Techwalla, for your great tip!

Hope this can help some of you self-pubbers out there!

Off to work again,