You’re Invited to a Kiwi Summer Beach Party TOMORROW!

Hi! I'd like to invite you to an online Facebook Party!

It's right here

It's tomorrow, all day, (and half of the night in the USA and overseas)!

It's an opportunity for you to :
meet new authors
hear about books from a wide variety of genres, over multi-eras, from multi-talented authors
visit with the authors you know and love
find book you might never have found

meet a bunch of Kiwi authors and readers at the party whom you also might never have found.

A group Matthew and I formed, Kiwi Book Feast, is putting on the party! We put up an Amazon Gift Card between the five of us, but not to be outdone, our invited guest participants have offered to donate toward YOUR BONUS GIVEAWAY! This bonus prize is for those splendid participants who:

1-register for the party by clicking on “GOING” at the top of the page and
2-comment on posts by any of the five Kiwi Book Launch members including Jude Knight, Lizzi Tremayne Author / Elizabeth Anne Thompson, Matthew Tremayne Author / Matt Mole, Anya Forest, and Kirsten McKenzie!


Think you'll never meet published authors? Think again!
Your authors have time slots on this party page from 10:00 am NZ Time (that's 3 pm EST on 23 Jan) through to 7:45 pm (1:45 am EST on 24 Jan). Every 3-5 minutes, they will post, often with images, about their books, their life, themselves, and ask questions of YOU, so you can actively participate and post your answers or even more questions!

The twenty-minute slots run pretty fast for the authors, but they're keeping track of your questions, and will later be returning to answer YOUR queries and comment on YOUR comments! The page will stay open, but the contest will only stay open for 24 hours after the party ends! Depending on how many questions we get, we may not get to answer them all for a few days, but we'll try to make it as soon as possible.

I'll be talking about my stories, both series' and a little about the upcoming book in The Long Trails series,Tatiana!

beach party

party  party




So that's it!

It's a lot of fun. I'm on at (*NZ

times: 10:30 am-10:50, 3:10-3:30 and 3:50 – 4:10 tomorrow (Wed 24th Jan in NZ).

For USA: add 6 hours for EST and 3 hours for Pacific time (and subtract a day, ie: it's on TUESDAY 23rd).

I REALLY hope you can join us and see what my friends and I are up to!

Again, it's here, in case the link above doesn't work!

Thanks for reading!